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Create a luxury cinema experience in the safety and comfort of your own home...

If You Share A Passion For The Ultimate In Family Home Entertainment...

Your professionally installed immersive cinema, or media room will deliver hours of family pleasure!

For many years we have visited the cinema to escape everyday life and immerse ourselves in the story line of a great film.

Sharing amazing experiences is what life is all about, and enjoying your favourite genre of choice with your loved ones certainly delivers hours of entertainment for all!


In fact whether watching film, a sporting event, a live in concert, or even some good old TV series at CINEMAS & CONTROL we can help to transport you to a big screen experience like no other!


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Control your home with a single touch


With your new bespoke home cinema, or media room design, we will help you create full 3D visuals of your finished room, along with construction and acoustical details.


If you seek a system designed to give the very best performance for your ultimate pleasure.


Enabling you to experience the most realistic rendition of content, exactly how the director intended, you should contact us to talk about your project.

With a best-in-class solution for all budgets and rooms, you can deliver the most pleasure for family, friends, and, of course, yourself.


Enjoy the simplest, most reliable method to enjoy a very sophisticated, high end audio visual experience.


Let us help you by taking care of the technical aspects, so you can simply concentrate on enjoying the content.

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Designing Your New Home Cinema, Or Media Room Is Made Easier With Our Expert Team

We will work together to deliver the best possible space for your families needs...

We appreciate sometimes projects can be challenging as things can be overlooked at the design stage, or if you have an existing home and want to experience the big screen.


At CINEMAS & CONTROL we work with you to guarantee the best possible experience for your space and budget.


Whether you are looking for a turnkey solution, or if you already have a construction team in place.

We can work with you to create a solution that will deliver the ultimate enjoyment.

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