Your New Smart Lighting Control System

Amazing Mood Lighting With Design Enhances Your Homes Interior

Crative Lighting Design Sets The Mood, Lighting Control Sets The Scene...

Select the home's mood and ambiance at the touch of a button.

Lighting plays a critical part in our lives.


Homes and interiors should make the best possible use of daylight.


Lighting design allows you to enhance the rooms of your home for multiple uses.


Think about the endless possibilities where different sorts of lighting are required.


Being creative with lighting can help to enhance your family's enjoyment in the home.

Whether entertaining, dining, reading a book, or watching your favourite film, lighting plays a critical role.


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Control your home with a single touch


Intelligent lighting and shading systems often go hand in hand with one another.


Create scenarios, such as when it is dark close the curtains and turn on some of the home's lights.


Whether at the touch of a button, or part of a preset schedule, imagine how much time is saved when you can close all of the shades in the home while turning on a 'main' central lighting scene at the push of a button!


We now have access to a very reliable range of wireless lighting control products, meaning that even if your home has not been wired you still have a solution.

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Beautiful Lighting Solutions For Your Home

Simply Better Experiences Through Lighting Design & Control

Complement your homes architecture using smart lighting control systems.


Entertain with the right ambiance and mood.


Automate your lighting with schedule or simple single button control.


Use an intelligent shading system to maximise the natural light in your home.


Schedule security scenes to 'Simulate Occupancy' when you are away from home, or to illuminate safe exit routes in the event of a fire, or deter intruders by integrating with your alarm system.


Plus access your system remotely for peace of mind. 

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